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Controlling, Recording, and Watching Surveillance Camera

Videos from your PC

The SPRO360 and SPRO1 can be added to the CMS2 software:

You can download it here.

First create an account for our TecTecTec application (under Android or iOS). When you connect on your PC, change the language to «English».cms3

The WiFi of the camera must have been preconfigured using the TecTecTec application on iOS or Android.

  • Press the “+” button
  • Then “Manual Add Device”
  • «3C ID» is the ID of the camera
  • Device password: Enter the camera password (“123” by default)
  • Device name: Choose the name of the camera (e.g. «Lounge») and then press OK



  • Select one of the rectangles and double-click on the camera you want to add (in the left column).


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