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FAQ – Camera

FAQ – Camera

1)  How does the waterproof box open?

This short video will show you how to open the waterproof box:

2) Is my XPRO camera compatible with GoPro accessories?

Yes, GoPro accessories are compatible with the XPROs video camera with the exception of the waterproof box.(TecTecTec! Variety of Quality Accessories)


3) Is my camera equipped with an image stabilizer?

Yes, the XPROs video camera is equipped with an integrated image stabilizer.


4) How can I achieve better sound recording?

To record higher quality sound, please use the Back Clip accessory instead of the wateproof box.


5) How can I delete photos and videos from the camera?

To delete files, please first save the files you wish to keep on another device and then format your SD card.


6) My camera's screen looks scratched.

Please remove the protective film from the screen. It is transparent and many customers cannot see it.


7) Which kind of SD Card should I use in my camera?

You must use either a 32Gb or a 64Gb Micro SD card with a class 10 rain (SD Card)


8) Where can I find UV filters?

UV filters that are compatible with the SJCAM or SJ4000 cameras will also work with the XPROs.


9) Which software can I use to make my movies?

Mac users can edit with iMovie. If you are editing on PC you can edit with Windows Movie Maker.

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  1. I cannot figure out how to attach the selfie/extension stick to the camera. There are no instructions in the manual. Any suggestions, advice, video?

    1. Hi Joshua,
      Thank you for your comment.
      You can screw the selfie stick into the clip1 or mount 3 :
      Some exemple for other accessories :

  2. When I start my xpro2+ Ultra HD it starts recording video. How do I stop that from happening

    1. Hi Jay,
      Please desactivate “car mode”. Then it won’t start to record autromatically when you start the camera.
      Thank you !

  3. Hello is it possible to erase immages on the camera with the camera? My mac does not recognize the sdhc card how do i set things up to see the photos on my computer?


    1. Hi,
      If your Macbook doesn’t recognize the SD card. Use the USB cable and plug the camera with SD card inside to your Macbook.

  4. Hi guys,
    I bought a XPRO3 and purchased a Sandisk Ultra 64GB
    Unfortunately the display says “PLEASE INSERT SD CARD”. I tried the 64GB card, an other Sandisk Ultra 64GB (from my smartphone) and a 16GB card.
    When I connect the cam to the PC using the USB cable and I choose “Mass Storage” on the cam, I can see the 64GB card in the windows explorer formatted as exFAT.

    Does the cam not recognize exFAT?

    1. Hi, please format the SD card with the camera. You can watch this video :

  5. I have bought a xpro2 camera. How can I change the wifi password of the camara. I’ve tried with the xdv app and it fails. TIA

    1. Hi Miguel,
      The Wifi password cannot be changed on XPRO1/2/2+. It can only be changed on XPRO3 and XPRO4.

  6. Is there the possibility to turn off WiFi of the camera after i have adjusted camera view and started the recording (via mobile app) so that i can safe battery power? (but it should still record!)

    Or do i have to adjust the camera, turn off WiFi and start the recording via pushing the button on camera?
    (The problem: camera is out of my eye-view, because i want to use it on a helmet)

    1. Ho John,
      Thank you for question.
      You cannot turn off the wifi of the camera from your phone. I think the best is to do it on the camera directly. You keep pressing UP button.

  7. Hi, I am thinking to buy the XPRO 3… do you know if there is anyway to addapt an external microphone?

    1. Hi Pedro,
      We cannot plug any microphone on the XPRO3.

  8. Good day,

    I have an XPRO2+ ULTRA HD 4K. All the time I make a video the maximum length is 15min.

    It is possible to make the length unlimited?

    1. Hi Marco,
      Thank you for your question.
      The Micro SD card is formated as FAT32. The maximum size of the file is 4Gb (FAT32). So the camera will make a new file before the file reach 4Gb.
      For 1080p60fps –> 15 minutes
      For 1080p 30 fps –> 20 minutes

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