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How to Connect XPRO4 with Mobile Device (iOS)


4 Steps to Connect Your XPRO4 with Your Mobile Device (iOS)




Step 1: Download the “XPROcam” App to your phone

Step 2: Go to setting to turn on the XPRO4 WiFi. (How can I reach the Settings page) (Or press “the button with WiFi icon” and hold it for 3 seconds to start WiFi)

Step 3: Connect to TEC_XPRO4 WiFi (Password : 1234567890)

Step 4: Go back to the XPROcam App and select “Connect Camera”


You are now ready to control your XPRO4 using your mobile device. 🙂


Detailed Steps


Now you can control your XPRO4 with your mobile device 🙂


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