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How to Use XPRO Camera Accessories

How to Use XPRO Camera Accessories?


  • Handle bar + Mount 6 + Waterproof housing

     Your XPRO comes with lots of mounts and accessories designed to help you get the most out of your action cam. Below we'll show you a few combinations and give you some suggestions about how to use them.


     Using the handle bar/bicycle mount together with the waterproof housing will let you attach the camera to your bike or motorcycle so that you can catch all of your ride.


  • Bandages + Mount 1 + Helmet Mount

img_4573_large img_4570_largeimg_4572_large

     You can also mount the XPRO to your wrist using the Velcro straps and Mount 1 either to aim the camera at whatever is going on or to turn it around for great selfies.


  • Clip 2 + Clip 1

img_4578_large img_4580_large img_4582_large

     Click the action cam into Clip 2 and Clip one to hook it onto your pocket to give your videos and pictures a more personal perspective. 


  • Clip 1 + Mount 1 + Helmet Mount + Mount 4 + Mount 7

img_4584_large img_4585_large

     Use the included adhesive patch together with Clip 1, Mount 1, Helmet Mount, Mount 4 and Mount 7 to place your camera on top of your helmet. Using these accessories you can aim the camera straight forward for POV shots or turn it sideways to show the scenery as you ride. (Don't forget to wipe down your helmet with rubbing alcohol before attaching it and wait 24 hours for it to dry before heading out!)


     We hope that these tips have helped you out. If you'd like some more tips please don't hesitate to leave a comment or reach out to us by email. 🙂

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